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  ----------Sintering Parts---(Powder Metallurgy Parts)
  ---------Forging Parts---(CNC Precision Machining LatheTurning Parts)

Oil Pump Rotor and Gear
Valve Guide and Valve Seat
Sintering Pulley
Sintering Bush
Auto Timing and Crankshaft Gear
Auto Water Pump Pulley and Flange
Welcome to KAYSUNS

As a professional Supplier,KaySuns specializes in Providing Powder Metallurgy Parts——Sintering Parts (Sintering Gear,Sintering Pulley, Synchronizer Gear Hub, Valve Guide,Oil Pump Rotor, Sintering Sprocket, ABS Gear Ring,Vacuum Pump Rotor, Sintering Bush and Pulley) and Forging Parts--CNC Precision Machining Lathe Turning Parts(OEM No or Drawings or Samples are ok)

Our staple as following:

1. Sintering Parts——Powder Metallurgy Parts:Auto Water Pump Pulley and Flange(VW,LADA,OPEL,RENAULT),Timing Gear and Camshaft Gear and Crankshaft Gear (VW,LADA,OPEL,RENAULT), Synchronizer Gear Hub,Valve Guide and Valve seat(Valve bush,Engine bush),Sintering Bush and Pulley, Oil Pump Rotor and Gear,Sintering Sprocket,Sintered Auto ABS Gear Ring,Vacuum Pump Rotor,Shock Absorber Guide and Piston, Other Sintering Parts.(The Materials are Copper base, Iron base and Iron-Copper base).(OEM No or Drawings or Samples are ok)

2.CNC Precision Machining Lathe Turning Parts-- Forging Parts:Steel Forging Flange for Auto Water Pump and CNC Forging Pulley and Iron and Steel Fasteners (Hexagon Nuts) and Other Forging Parts(The Material: Carbon Steel,Iron and Stainless Steel)(Drawings or Samples are ok)                                             Welcome your inquiry,we will give you Top Quality,Competitive Price,Fast Delivery and Good Service. We can help you to win the market. Warmly welcome to contact us for more details!