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  ----------Sintering Parts---(Powder Metallurgy Parts)
  ---------CNC Precision Machining Parts(Forging Part Casting Parts)

Oil Pump Rotor and Gear
Valve Guide and Valve Seat
Sintering Pulley
Sintering Bush
Auto Timing and Crankshaft Gear
Auto Water Pump Pulley and Flange

We not only offer the best solution of PM and CNC Parts, but also offer product consultion, manufacturer evaluation, inspection and shipment service.

We know Chinese, we know how to deal it. We have the good resources of PM and CNC Partsl, The more important is we have the good experiences for global business, let’s do simple business!


Would you like to buy PM parts and CNC and Mahcining parts? Do you buy PM or CNC only? Would you like to buy these material one by one? Kaysuns is here, here is a system solution! One-stop service, get everything!

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